Cadillac’s New 2020 CT5-V Is a Stunner despite Having Less Engine Power

Cadillac’s New 2020 CT5-V Is a Stunner despite Having Less Engine Power

After keeping the fans waiting for some time, GM has finally taken the veil off the luxury sedan Cadillac CT5 –V. The noteworthy thing is that it arrives with reduced power under the hood than what was expected. It is not a slouch at all, though. The 2020 CT5-V has an output of 360 HP. This may make some people feel it is not a proper replacement for the soon to be phased out CTS V, but the price tag should be checked. A sedan with less than expected power also comes with a lower price tag! That is precisely the case here. The new CT5 –V is being offered at a starting price of $48,690, and that includes its destination fee.

The Cadillac CT5-V will be made at the company’s Lansing Grand River facility. The 2019 CTS-V, which is an outgoing model, sells at $68790. While the rumor sites have leaked the price, GM is yet to confirm it officially. The mentioned pricing is for the RWD variant of the 2020 CT5-V.So, anyone opting for the AWD version will have to shell out an amount of $51,290 or so. If accessories got added, that could cross $60000 as well. The excellent news is GM will also release a more powerful variant of the car, but that may come in 2020 only. Of course, it will have a higher price tag.

The Cadillac CT5-V 2020 luxury sedan looks stylish, and if you look at the spec, there is hardly anything to scoff about! The 2 L turbocharged engine got paired with one ten-speed transmission gearbox. It is being offered in a lot of hues (including a few metallic colors), and the interior also looks lavish, as expected from a Cadillac model. It gets Carbon Fiber décor inside. Premium Leatherette Seating is standard, and you can upgrade to Leather-appointed seating. There are premium, Platinum, and cold weather packages that can be bought additionally.

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