google says no political debate at workplace

Google Says No Political Debate At Workplace

When it comes to the workplace, most companies want its workers to focus on their work and don’t indulge in other activities. However, tech giant company like Google is quite famous for something opposite. The workplace environment is renowned among tech enthusiasts because the company gives freedom for recreational activities for its workers. However, now the policies are getting changed here too because recently Google said there are not going to be any political debate at the workplace.

Google issues an official corporate memo for its 100000 employees and states the guidelines at the workplace. The giant company mentioned that workers are prohibited from talking or giving an opinion on politics or other than work-related things while working. The traditional model of google’s workplace allowed its workers to spend twenty percent of their time on recreational projects for coming up with new ideas. People usually love to work at google because of the excellent workplace environment they get which other tech companies don’t offer.

However, from last few years, the tech giant company is facing lots of criticism for following anti-conservative approach. Google had been criticized for not following a pleasant workplace environment because of the sexual assault cases from top executives came into the public and also developing a biased political approach. Conservatives and some other groups have been targeting Google for promoting not such a right plan at the workplace. They think such things are damaging other people’s viewpoint on political. Google is that search engine which is used by the majority of the internet users in America and other parts of the world. Now having a politically biased opinion by such a large company is not a good thing. The memo mentioned that our primary goal is to complete the work which is allotted not to indulge in political debate.

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