huawei is becoming a strong ai service provider

Huawei Is Becoming A Strong AI Service Provider

When it comes to big companies, they always try to diversify their investment in the right manner. Huawei is that tech giant Chinese company which is famous for making electronic components but its targeting a popular AI market also. Huawei has recently launched a vast number of data centers and cloud targeted chipsets. Also, it’s going to start an open-source framework called MindSpore. Huawei’s AI based products like Ascent nano and Tiny chips shows how much Hauwie is investing and targeting AI sector.

The company is trying to call itself AI-powerhouse from last few years, and now they are succeeding at it after the launch of many innovative technologies. So far, the Chinese company was targeting smartphone and small market, but now they are going to use the same technology at a larger scale. The new Ascend 910 is a high end 300+ watt system which is going to be targeted at the AI training market. Ai training market has already been claimed to be dominated by Nvidia and Intel, but it seems like Huawei might be the game-changer here.

Big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft want to dominate the AI market, and they are continually trying to develop TPU chips. Huawei has invested a considerable amount of money in data centers, which shows the tech giant is trying to go for long term vision. However, Huawei is not only targeting the high-end processing market only. But Huawei is trying to alter the market in the framework by competing with Google’s TensorFlow. For the last decade, Huawei had been famous for being a component provider. But after a considerable amount of investment in framework and data centers, the company shows where it’s genuinely heading. US trade ban has forced Huawi to take different paths and had to develop many things by themselves. Chinese tech giant company’s involvement with new AI-based tech will surely going to create problems for other companies.


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