Our Team

Julianne Naquin – Sr.Editor
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Julianne has been the part of our editorial team. She has a keen interest in the latest technologies. She prefers scripting articles based on Technology, including new arrivals, ongoing trends in the industry, and much more. Her articles are precise and authentic, along with a comprehensive approach. If not writing, you can find her tasting some of the unique cuisines in the locality. Julianne being a destination gazer loves to explore new places.

Frances Baker – Editor
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Frances spent six years of his work life as a business executive before joining our company. He is best at writing articles based on the Business sector. In short, Frances is a go-to guy when it comes to ongoing and latest happenings in the business world. He even covers sub-categories of the field like energy, share market, the global automobile market, and much more.

Lloyd Perez – Sr.Editor
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Lloyd being a veteran in news reporting, covers titles under the Science sector. The line of articles exclusively scripted by Lloyd include the latest findings, space-related news, trials based on various aspects, etc. He spends most of his time reading romantic books and some online blogs. At the end of the day, when it comes to covering science articles at theindustrytrends, he just rocks.

Muriel Pritts – Sr.Editor
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Muriel’s dream was to become a health expert, but she failed to achieve the aim due to certain conditions. Citing the situation, she started working as a freelance writer. Muriel has thrived throughout her life and now at UKCvWritersReview, she writes articles related to the Health sector. Apart from this, she maintains various health-related blogs through which she offers crucial information to users.